Eduardo and his cat, Brayan

Greetings, I’m Eduardo Dorantes, a Software Engineer with a penchant for breathing life into creative mobile app projects. I hail from Mexico and proudly call Pachuca de Soto my home.

While my academic roots are in Business Management, my heart sings to the rhythm of code. My journey has led me to fascinating roles, both at home and abroad, including noteworthy stints at Capitol Interactive, Moropo, The Morrow Digital, BID as well as local startups and even family businesses. These experiences have let me dive into a diverse array of projects, spanning from indie dev to mobile app development.

When I’m not immersed in lines of code, you might find me delving into the captivating worlds of games like Pokémon and Zelda. Spending quality time with my family and enjoying the company of my four-legged companions also holds a special place in my heart.

The tech world, for me, is akin to an ever-evolving puzzle. I find constant inspiration in its evolution and my role in pushing its boundaries.

My life revolves around family, animals, and the pursuit of happiness for my loved ones. I firmly believe that kindness and respect are the keys to unlocking true contentment.

Life has bestowed upon me some valuable life lessons, one of which is that no one is ever truly alone. Each person’s story, no matter how small, matters. This realization has shaped me into the compassionate and caring person I am today.

Here’s a little secret not many are privy to – I possess a hidden talent in music :p

I’m an unapologetic enthusiast of fantasy and sci-fi. Hand me a Halo book or a Marvel movie, and you’ll see my face light up. As for music, my tastes are as eclectic as they come.

My mission in life is to enhance the lives of those I hold dear and ensure that no one walks alone.

Back in Mexico, I was honoured with an innovation award, a momentous occasion in my journey.

At present, I’m once again diving into the depths of my Augmented Reality plugin for React Native and venturing into the realm of AI. I’m also embarking on this personal blog to share my journey.

This “About Me” page is your gateway to understanding the real me. I’m here to connect and make new friends.

I want to make a special mention to my closest friends and the most important persons in my life. My loved mom Josefa, my husband Erni, my dear Mati, my worse-is-nothing Alex and of course, Charles and Tom, the two persons who broke the cage I was happily-in and introduced me to the world, turning me into an explorer and more self-confident person.