Champion of All

It’s been quite some time since my last post, and I had intended to use this platform to share my musings. However, life became hectic and I simply couldn’t find the time 😅

However, things are now settling down. In my spare moments, I enjoy playing Pokémon UltraSun; I’ve just been crowned the Champion of Alola 🎉

Eduardo, champion of All

My colleagues at Morrow have featured me in a spotlight, which you can peruse on LinkedIn.

Moreover, I’ve learnt that Moropo is progressing well. It’s been time since our last conversation, but just knowing they’re moving forward positively is enough for me. I’m truly proud of them and wish them the utmost success! ❤️

With Christmas on the horizon, emotions are heightened, nostalgia emerges, but joy overwhelmingly fills my life and heart.

To those of you reading my blog,

Thank you.

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